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The Phase 1 Renovation Plan


Late in 2013 the Lions Club met and discussed all the Beacon House issues with the City of Nanaimo, Parks, Recreation and Culture. One of the ideas presented was to expand Beacon House to accommodate more events, activities and people while also addressing the needed repairs. The city provided an outline for the processes and procedures that would need to be followed.


The first step was to get concept drawings. Peter Carter, architect and son of Dave and Bev Carter, visited Beacon House and listened to what requirements had to be met. He produced three concept drawing. The PI Lions Club project group met with the Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission and made a formal presentation. The Commission members were impressed with the presentation. We were provided with further information for moving forward for getting approval and monies for the Beacon House Renovation Project. 


In early 2014 The Project was put on hold due to a number of issues. The issues were resolved and the project was back on track. Since then many moreproject meetings and meetings with the city have ensued. It was thought that the renovation project could be accomplished as one large project. However unexpected variables came into play and the project was re-evaluated. In order to accomplish what was wanted for Beacon House it was decided that the project would divided into two phases.






Phase 1 - Completed

In late 2014 the Building Committee struck a Design Working Group to review the BHRP Survey Report and the conceptual design. They were provided with the parameters set by the Project and the City. This Group worked many hours and within a very tight time line were able to provide the Building Committee with some excellent recommendations. The Lions Club executive and the City of Nanaimo have approved the Phase 1 design and funding.


The original concept drawings shown have since been slightly modified. The end result remains the same, expand Beacon House with all repairs, structural and electrical updates. 





Financial Status

The City officially approved City funding of 50% of full Project cost (Phases 1 and 2). The Lions Club’s financial plan for their portion will include; donations (with Tax Receipts), labour and materials given ‘in kind’, grants, and fundraising events. This plan will assist in lowering the actual costs. The complete Project is estimated at $180,000.

Phase 1 - The Movie


Phase 1

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