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The Beacon House Renovation Project is pleased to announce that PHASE ! of the project is complete!

The official re-opening was held January 12, 2017

The Beacon House Renovation Project 



UPDATE: Beacon House Renovation Project Phase 2 - Phase 2 is on hold currently. Engineers have been to the site to determine where it is safe to extend Beacon House. This has changed the original plan for expansion as Beacon House is built on coal tailings and the  property boundaries and variances will not accommodate the original plan. It was also discovered that the septic system must be replaced. This would be at the expense of the City of Nanaimo and must be approved by council. Fiscal year end it March 31st so 2018/19 budgets are yet to be approved. there is also the matter of a somewhat fractured council that must be dealt with.

Beacon House is owned by the city of Nanaimo. The PI Lions Club lease the building. Through the years the Lions Club has maintained and made improvements to the building. This building is the island’s Community Hall and Library.


 Beacon House is showing its age and requires a number of repairs to make it energy efficient, environmentally sound and safe for all who use it. Some of these repairs include; new flooring, added insulation, new energy efficient windows.


Currently Beacon House can accommodate 75 people. It has become too small for the needs of our growing population and the many events and activities that are held at Beacon House. We now have the opportunity to build a bigger and better Community Hall. The Protection Island Lions Club and the City of Nanaimo are proposing a major renovation to Beacon House. 

PAST BH Renovation News and Information

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