NEW - 2019 PI Lions Club Activities Report

Medical Supplies Program


The Protection Island Lions Club maintains an inventory of purchased and donated medical supplies. All supplies are stored at Beacon House for convenience.  Any items may be borrowed, upon request, at no cost by any member of our PI community. Your PI Lions Club is pleased to be able to provide this service.


On occasion, our medical supply inventory is enhanced due to the generosity of a donor. If we find that a certain piece of equipment is in high demand the Lions Club may purchase additional items to meet the need. If you have medical equipment that you no longer need, please consider donating it to the Medical Supply Program.

The current contact for medical supplies is Sandra Nisbet. Please feel free to drop by 184 Pirates Lane if you need an item

or text or call: 1.778.846.2997

List of Medical Supplies available as of January 2018 include:

  • 1 Electric Bed

  • 21" transport wheel chair

  • 17" transport wheel chair

  • 17" breezy wheel chair with cushion

  • Long transfer bench for bath or shower

  • Commode shower chair

  • Non-wheeled walker

  • Wheeled walkers #1; #2; #3; #4

  • Crutches (4sets) Crutches should be fitted.

  • canes (3)

  • Raised Toilet Seat with arms

  • Full leg brace



Student Bursary Program


The Lions Club has a Bursary Program for students of Protection Island who are graduating from Grade 12 and are proceeding on to college or university. The student must submit a letter to the Protection Island Lions Club. The letter must include:


  • The school they are graduating from.

  • The education institute they will be attending along with proof of acceptance to that institution. The acceptance letter from the college or university must show the term for which the student has been accepted.

  • Graduating students planning to attend post secondary in the fall should contact the Lions Club as early as possible in the spring.


All bursary request letters will be reviewed on a case by case basis. There have been exceptions to the above requirements. The amount of the bursary is fixed by the Lions Club and is dependent upon how many students are applying for the bursary. The student may be requested to attend a Lions Club meeting to receive the cheque. The bursary request letter should be given to Peter Frewin or if he cannot be reached it may be given to any Lions member. If more information is required please contact the Lions Club

Lions Club Recycling Program


Please place your refundable beer bottles, cans, wine and liquor bottles, wine boxes with liners,  pop cans and bottles, plastic water bottles, juice boxes and bottles, or anything for which a deposit has been paid (NO milk containers of any kind) in bags (not loose) and drop off at the following locations on the island:

a)    The trailer across from Kay (Keith) MacIntyre’s - 59 Capt. Morgan’s

b)    The dinghy in front of 56 Pirates Lane

c)     The gate to the bottling sheds - Gallow’s Point

Please do not include any type of garbage in your bags. Pick up from these locations takes place once a week.

This is an important fundraising activity for the PI Lion’s Club. 

Thank you for your co-operation.

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